Everything you want know about silicone straws

  • 2019-01-24

We cover a lot of the common questions consumers have regarding silicone reusable straws.

Along with people’s awareness of environment protection, the eco-friendly alternatives for plastic straws are popular nowadays. Many consumers have moved away from disposable plastic straws in favor of eco-friendly, BPA-free reusable silicone straws. Below we cover a lot of the common questions consumers have regarding silicone reusable straws.

What is silicone exactly?

Many people believe that silicone straws are made from a type of plastic or plastic rubber. This is incorrect. Silicone material is made primarily from the element Silicon, while plastic is made from petroleum. With unique properties, silicone is an ideal material for drinking straws and other kitchenware.

Are silicone straws safe?

Silicone straws are flexible, soft, and bendy. This means they don’t pose a risk of chipped teeth, eye pokes and throat gouges when drinking. In recent years there has been lawsuits revolve around kids getting gouged by hard straws. Silicone is soft enough to bite down on, yet rigid enough to resist tears. These characteristics make silicone straws best choice for kids. For straw biters and people with sensory issues or special needs, silicone straw is also a great option.

How to clean silicone straws?

Cleaning reusable straws is very important for preventing the build up of mold and germs. Since silicone straws can handle extreme temperatures, you can easily clean them thoroughly to prevent the build of up mold and germs in several ways:

  • Cleaning the inside of the straws with a bristle cleaner
  • Completely cleaning the inside of the straws by squeegeeing with a Straw Squeegee cleaner
  • Cleaning and sterilization by running the straws through the dishwasher
  • Boiling the straws in water for a short period of time

If they do build mold, the best way to get mold out of a reusable straw is to use a Straw Squeegee cleaner or bristle brush, then run them through the dishwasher.

Choose the right silicone straws

If you decide to turn to silicone straws, do remember to check the material quality of the silicone straws. Choose those of food-grade silicone material; see if they passed safety tests. Those high-quality silicone straws do not fade even when it is exposed to high temperature and beverage. Also look for dishwasher safe symbol if you plan to put them in your dishwasher. An easy test you can do on silicone straws is to check if the straw turns white when bent hardly. No turning white indicates a longer lifespan.

Editor’s Choice

We recommend the Bubird™ Silicone Straw, which has passed the third part EU LFGB, USA FDA & BPA FREE testing. Made of 100% high-quality food-grade silicone material. It is safe and healthy, non-toxic and with no peculiar smell. Moreover, the Bubird straws are compatible with many types of mugs or tumblers in the market.


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